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It’s that time of year!

It’s a beautiful September day. We’ve had sun and rain which has made our gardens prosper over the last few weeks! It has been a busy one! All areas of Greener Village are anxious to get Fall under way! Here’s whats happening around your community food centre…

Community Gardens- everyone is taking pride in their fruits of labour! We have seen so many happy families working on their plots, asking questions and enjoying the comfortable natural space that surrounds our raised beds!

Gardens Aug 9 2014 12

Greenhouses- the U-pick has been a huge success this year! Over 500 lbs of fresh vegetables have been given away to clients of the Food Bank. That dollar value equals approximately over $3300 when compared to supermarket prices… AND there is still so much more to be harvested! 


Clothing Boutique- Out with the Summer, in with the Fall! Next week we are having a $1 SALE on ALL CLOTHING AND FOOTWEAR! Monday to Friday, September 8th-12th. Come one come all, we have sizes, styles and brands for everyone!

image (8) photo (3)

School Supplies- Bring in your child’s school list of necessary supplies and we will do our best to fill it! We have backpacks to paper to markers to lunch boxes! Every list is different, so please bring in a list so we can better prepare you with everything you will need! We have had many donations and we are so grateful that we have the opportunity to help our community at this hectic time of year! Happy back to school!

 image (9)

Food Distribution- We’ve added more choice! We want to promote healthy, nutritious meals and even better, ones that you can cook for yourself! We’ve added a YELLOW tag to our system, meaning that each family gets to choose which pack they want. Equipped with all the ingredients and a recipe. In August, we gave out 830+ packs alone! Not sure what i’m describing? Visit us to learn more about our food distribution and our healthy choice packs!

image (10)

Teaching Kitchen- Kate, our lead instructor in the kitchen, is at the NB-Exhibition all week long! She has been cooking up and serving soup on the spot. Promoting our programs and workshops, we are there to spread the information about GV. Visit us all week 2-4pm in the Community Demonstration Kitchen at the Capital Exhibit Center.

image (11)

Also, if you haven’t already heard, our teaching kitchen Guru, Kate MacKay, is now airing on Rogers TV!! For the year, you can catch her show (times below) on budget cooking in your very own kitchen! Good job Kate, we are so proud!


Last but not least, our OPEN HOUSE on OPEN FARM DAY NB is fast approaching. In partnership with Agricultural Alliance of NB, we are hosting farm day here at Greener Village on September 21st. Fun for the whole family! We have a ton of activities planned, critters to pet, information to share and locally grown delicious food samples just for YOU! We will also be hosting our second annual fundraising breakfast that morning at 11-1pm. This breakfast is only $5 and all proceeds help our programs at Greener Village. Hope to see you there!

 Open House Celebration

Thanks and happy harvest folks!



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Lettuce Share!

Our greenhouses are over producing, faster than we can keep up with and give out to our clients at the Food Bank. This gives us a huge opportunity to help others, and so we are sharing our produce with our neighbours, the Oromocto Food Bank! We hope that their clients enjoy the fresh salad greens like ours do! #peoplehelpingpeople #community

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Looking Back with Pride & Looking Forward with Passion

My time at Greener Village is almost finished for another summer 😦

While I was writing yesterday, I got a little nostalgic and ended up really looking back into how far the centre has come along since its move. I decided it would make an excellent post; gathering our past with pride and pursuing our future with passion.

We moved to this location in May 2012 (our first open day was the 28th of May 2012). Lots of clean up and renovations had to be done around the property so there wasn’t any gardening happening that first summer (I honestly don’t even know how much work had to be done). My first visit to the food bank was with a food drive in January 2013; I was amazed by the vision and goals that were set for the location. The teaching kitchen was barely started and the garden space and greenhouses were buried in snow, but I knew I wanted to be part of the project.

GV Time line

Before I began as a summer student last year, I was a volunteer in the gardens. We accomplished so more with the gardens last year, than I ever thought possible. I’m very thankful that I was able to return this year and continue to contribute to the growth of the gardens and this community.

I’ve gotten to meet so many unique and fantastic people while working in the gardens. Everyone has a story to share and I’ve been lucky enough to hear countless ones. Everyone brings something different to the gardens and leaves with something different.

GV Garden Story

In my first year, I came here missing my family farm and working in the great outdoors. I left feeling like I had found a new home and I was happy to find out that I loved gardening, not  because it was what we did to have food as a child, but because I enjoyed planning, planting, growing, and sharing the harvest.

I came back this year eager to plant again, but I didn’t really expect there to be much difference from the year before; maybe a few more beds and a few more workable rows in the greenhouse. Boy, was I wrong! A second greenhouse fully planted and growing, six new raised beds, the community garden off to an impressive start, and lots of things ready to start up next year.

So, this year, I’m leaving with projects and dreams for next year. I’m taking a stronger knowledge base with me and I have things I want to come back and accomplish.

– Briana

*     *     *     *     *

Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.

– Dorothy Day

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Growing a Difference

Yesterday was a very busy and very rewarding day in the gardens.

An open day after a long weekend, and at the start of the month usually means a very busy day with lots of people. Yesterday was no exception!

The rewarding part was the amount of fresh produce that was picked by our clients. We had 68 pounds of fresh veggies go home with clients; that’s 10% of all that was produced last season out in only one day!!

Last year we had one greenhouse and the raised beds planted for clients to pick fresh vegetables and we produced approximately 680 pounds of fresh produce. This year we have two greenhouses running as well as some raised beds within the community garden. We’re looking forward to doubling our total production number this year.

For the rest of the season we’ll be running the greenhouses and our raised beds as a “U-pick” for clients of the food bank on our open days. This means we need volunteers to help welcome clients, tour them around the gardens, and record what’s harvested. If you’re interested in knowing more about what we’re doing at Greener Village and you’d like to volunteer some of your time contact Vadini, our Volunteer Coordinator:

There are still lots of challenges and bugs (metaphoric ones) to work out of our system, but everyone is really excited to have things growing. Everyone who visits the gardens are impressed with the size of the space we have for growing and they are very supportive of what we are trying to do with the new space.

Forgive me if this seems like too much, but I do believe in this. Every leaf of lettuce picked and every tomato grown makes a difference to someone in our community. Whether it’s having the access to fresh vegetables, the excitement of  a new experience, or the pride in seeing the results of hard work. It isn’t just lettuce, swiss chard, and cucumbers that grow in our gardens and greenhouses. We aren’t just harvesting ingredients for a salad. We’re growing knowledge and independence. We’re harvesting change and hope.

– Briana 🙂

*     *     *     *     *

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.

– William James


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Amazing Things are Growing

Weather means more when you have a garden. There’s nothing like listening to a shower and thinking how it is soaking in around your green beans.

~Marcelene Cox

IMG_5559My pole beans are starting to create the column I was hoping for; they aren’t as full as I’d like, but it’s been an excellent trial run for next year.

IMG_5556Our gourd has reached the roof of its trellis! We’ve had lots of fun showing off its progress to everyone who visits the garden.

IMG_5558And its starting to put out fruit!

IMG_5567We have a beautiful, volunteer sunflower growing in the front bed. By volunteer, I mean he grew all on his own from a seed that would have been dropped by the seven foot sunflower we had out front last year. I’m excited to see how tall this one will grow.




IMG_5523Greenhouse #2 is producing wonderfully. We’ve been picking off of it for the last two weeks and everyone is enjoying the lettuce and the experience. There’s nothing more calming than picking your dinner (or lunch).


A few of the tomatoes are starting to ripen! But we’ve also had some green ones go home for fried green tomatoes. I’ve never had friend green tomatoes, but those who love them are very excited to see the tomatoes growing so well.

IMG_5508We have a tiny little watermelon starting; it’s about the size of a quarter, but we’re all really excited about it.


IMG_5514Our beautiful swiss chard, which is no longer being guarded by wasps.


The corn, gourds, and cucumbers are putting out lots of beautiful green. I’m checking regularly (and some what patiently) waiting for the cucumbers to be big enough to pick!


Turnip or rutabaga? Can anyone tell me?


A surprise broccoli plant as well was found among my brussel sprouts.


I have never grown brussel sprouts in my life! I hadn’t even tried them until a year ago because my mother didn’t like them so we never grew up eating them. I discovered I adore them and learning to grow them has been a wonderful adventure and a great learning experience. They definitely require patience, but seeing the little bulbs starting is so exciting and rewarding for me!

They may be one of my favourite plants in the garden this year.


The garlic is ready to harvest and cure!

Our volunteers are really excited to help out with this. It’s going to be much easier than when I used to harvest it at home (we grow a lot of garlic!).

*     *     *     *     *

Now on to all the flowers!

The earth laughs in flowers.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson






IMG_5529(I really love gladiolus)




IMG_5518– Briana

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My Paradise

The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to, not feed just the body, but the soul.

-Alfred Austin

Our garden board with some of our beautiful painted rocks.

Our garden board with some of our beautiful painted rocks to help welcome everyone.



Old furniture with a new look

The old furniture has been transformed. We're looking forward to adding more bright places to sit and watch the gardens.

Another transformation. I can’t wait for more bright spaces to sit and watch the garden.

We have a new way to add some art to the garden and recognize all our volunteers.

We have a new way to add some art to the garden and recognize all our volunteers.

Showcasing the helpful hands we have at Greener Village.

Showcasing the helpful hands we have at Greener Village.

Our rock painting day was a great success. Staff, volunteers, and lots of members of the community came out to help.

Our rock painting day was a great success. Staff, volunteers, and lots of members of the community came out to help.

There are some interesting creatures to be found around the garden now.

There are some interesting creatures to be found around the garden now.




Greenhouse #3 is filled!! We'll be planting some green manure for the end of this season, and next year it'll be up and fully running.

Greenhouse #3 is filled!! We’ll be planting some green manure for the end of this season, and next year it’ll be up and fully running.


– Briana 🙂