Greener Village Community Food Centre

Food Bank Distribution. Community Gardens. Teaching Kitchen. Clothing Boutique


In order to transform into a community food centre, the Food Bank has moved to the North Side into the former Green Village location

 New Location Details – Opening Day:  Monday, May 28, 2012

Who Benefits? The 2,500 individuals who visit us monthly, 36% of whom are children.

What’s Changing?

  • No more line-ups in the parking lot! Clients will no longer have to stand out in the elements
  • Real meeting rooms with wheelchair accessibility! Our interviewers can now conduct their client’s assessments in privacy – and not in an open space or our kitchenette.
  • All our food can now be stored on-site reducing our handling by 50%!
  • Ergonomic shelving and storage system means no more back-braking lifting for our staff and volunteers!

Why?  This is about serving our community and feeding it for growth and sustainability.  Most importantly though, it is about treating people in a manner that maintains dignity, challenges inequality and builds community.

How? Having a location that is bright, spacious and can accommodate the growing need for this type of service in ourcommunity.

What we Need? Fredericton Community Services accepts donations of food, clothing, hygiene items, baby items, small household appliances, books, school supplies and other items that can be given to someone in need.  The primary use of Fredericton Community Services is for emergency food hampers.  The average client can access the food bank once per month for food.  Each hamper contains approximately a 3-4 day supply of food including fresh milk, eggs, produce and bread as available.

Want to Volunteer?? click here for more information

About the Fredericton Food Bank – The Fredericton Food Bank has been serving the Fredericton region since 1984.  As time has evolved, so to has our role in the community.  As such, we are changing to reflect our modern community and becomming a “COMMUNITY FOOD CENTRE”

A Community Food Centre is a place where people come together around a good meal, learn how to grow, cook, and choose healthy food; and find inspiration to work towards change by the powerful persuasion of good food.

Our new food centre will maintain emergency food programs, but will complement them with a range of capacity-and skills-building programs.  Increasing food access and equity, reducing social isolation, and improving health and food skills is certainly our goal for the future.  More information will be posted in the near future.


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