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2015: The year of new things

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There is an ample amount of things happening at Greener Village now a days and a lot of it is new for us and our community.

Here are some previews into what the new year will hold for us:

1) In 2014 we saw a small portion of the possible success our growing power has and we are so excited to move forward with our outdoor space. We are expanding our community garden– a space where members of the Food Bank can grow their own fresh vegetables and learn different ways to secure a food source. We are also looking to restore our greenhouse structures to expand the growing season and make them safer for our staff/volunteers.. (we also want to keep out the critters who love our veggies as much as we do!). More raised beds. More native species. More space. More volunteers. All equaling more GOOD FOOD.

2) On The topic of “good food”, Greener Village has been chosen to be the host charity for the DINE AROUND FREDDY event held during FROSTival weeks (January 23 – February 7) in Fredericton, NB. If you haven’t heard of this event before, I encourage you to look into it and follow their page.. SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!

A 3 course meal (as local as possible) created by a number of our very own restaurants– for only $29.00. Each participating restaurant will donate $1 per Dine Around Freddy plate sold to us, Greener Village Community Food Centre. I have been working on my appetite and plan to do some taste testing in the next few weeks. I’ll also be trying my hand at food blogging (wish me luck), i’ll post photos!

3) We are gaining speed in the launch of our new corporate campaign- Roots to Wings: Sustaining the Food Centre that Supports our Community. This campaign will be promoted to draw awareness to the capital needs of Greener Village and highlight priority projects that we require to sustain and maintain our daily operations. We are so much more than a Food Bank now and the only way we can end that stigma of “Food Bank=Poor” is to change our behavior and build towards long term solutions like programming, education and sustainable (environmental/social/economic) awareness. For 2015, we are targeting a goal of $176,000 which will help us on 4 main projects- security, transportation, emergency plan, and greenhouse restoration. 

4) The development of the Teaching Kitchen programs is well underway after hiring our Teaching Kitchen Manager- Lisa Wilby, a woman skilled in the business, her family and the kitchen! Offering Tuesday workshops, every Tuesday in January, to members of the Food Bank. Ever wonder what to cook for dinner if you only have those odds and ends? What about after school snacks for the kids? What are some alternatives to the basic junk food to hold the kids over? Lisa will inform you! You’ll even get to try the menus and learn to make them in our Teaching Kitchen. Our programming is going to offer a unique points system which allows you to receive points for each workshop you attend. The more points you have, the more points you can “spend” in our Kitchen Store. Who wants a food processor? A knife set? All brand new and all achievable for ANY family/single household.

5) The University of New Brunswick Environment and Natural Resources fourth year Management Course is working on a management plan for the 12 acres of forested wetland we have on our property. The entire area floods as our beautiful Saint John River rises and falls each spring. The students have brilliant ideas with the environment, wildlife and natural state of the area in mind. We may see some low maintenance trails there in the near future, each highlighting a scenic route to the river and the native trees/vegetation you will see along the way. YAY!

6) We are working on getting help with our re-branding. We’ve struggled over the last few years in the transition of the Fredericton Food Bank to Greener Village Community Food Centre. I’ve met some pretty amazing people, always willing to help, but one name sticks out– Troy Moore, with Da Vinci College. This connection came late in the year and I am excited to explore the project further in 2015. Stay tuned, this should be good.

7) We’ve been working with Fredericton based company Outreach Productions on our new and improved website. All of the things i’m talking about here can be found in detail on there. Or– call us and we’d love to answer your questions. Visit our website today!

Overwhelmed yet? Don’t be. There is lots to do but we are working tirelessly to improve the services we offer to the Fredericton Community. If you would like to help, please contact us and apply to volunteer or donate to our projects through the website.

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy, hopeful New Year!!




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