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Open House/Open Farm Day 2014

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This past weekend we celebrated New Brunswick’s Open Farm Day, as a proud participant with Agricultural Alliance of NB’s initiative to raise awareness about local agriculture happening in and around our very own community. We see our participation as a duty of the Community Food Centre, to bring people together to celebrate the opportunities we have here when it comes to producing local, organic, and nutritious foods.

We had over 800 people through our doors, many of which took a scheduled tour of our facility. We appreciate the positive feedback we received and we continue to work hard to develop further programming and workshops to offer our community.

Here are some pictures from the day. Be sure to check our Facebook page for the full gallery. You can find us by searching “Fredericton Food Bank”. Enjoy!

Food_Bank_Open_House_Sept_2014 1 Food_Bank_Open_House_Sept_2014 2 Food_Bank_Open_House_Sept_2014 5 Food_Bank_Open_House_Sept_2014 6 Food_Bank_Open_House_Sept_2014 7 Food_Bank_Open_House_Sept_2014 8 Food_Bank_Open_House_Sept_2014 9 Food_Bank_Open_House_Sept_2014 10 Food_Bank_Open_House_Sept_2014 11 Food_Bank_Open_House_Sept_2014 12 Food_Bank_Open_House_Sept_2014 13 Food_Bank_Open_House_Sept_2014 14 Food_Bank_Open_House_Sept_2014 15 Food_Bank_Open_House_Sept_2014 16 Food_Bank_Open_House_Sept_2014 17 Food_Bank_Open_House_Sept_2014 18

Our motto is “many hands make light work” and this event is definitely an example of that! Many people came together to help us achieve the success of the day (and the days leading up to it) and we would like to thank all of them for their hard work and dedication to our mission at the Community Food Centre.

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