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Today’s the day!

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I can’t find the words to describe the kind of day it has been here at Greener Village. At one point this afternoon I walked outside and was overwhelmed by the amount of “seemingly small but actually huge” jobs that were getting accomplished around the property. I raced inside to get my camera so I could capture the many hands that came together to give our location some serious re-vamping today! Some of it may be for educational purposes, some structural, some fun and exciting, however, all of it plays a part in our sustainable development strategy that we are continually working towards. Today was a reminder to be thankful for our hard working volunteers, our exceptional local businesses, and the many relationships we’ve built- and continue to build in our community!!

New beams are replacing the rotting old logs that stood in the front of the building. They were a safety hazard for us so it’s exciting to see structural improvements underway, providing a safe and happy environment for all.image (12)We have a new gazebo…well sort of! Josh is working away at putting this together in time for our Open House on September 21st. We love areas that provide shade and rain cover, not to mention a space to gather in the garden!

image (13)

Oh my! We have a new composter! This Compost-Twin was purchased through funding grants we received for our composting demonstration site project. Can’t wait to get things decomposing in there..

image (15)

Let’s talk about education! What’s better than reading about the life cycle of a butterfly? Yup, actually SEEING a butterfly go through its life cycle! We’re in the works to developing a butterfly “raising and release” program as well as becoming an official “stop over” for Monarch butterflies. We are right in their migration path, so why not do what we can to help these super-pollinators?! Thanks to Nature NB for providing the sign template and information for our new signs!

image (16) image (21)

What next?? You guessed it.. It’s a chicken coop! We can’t wait to inhabit this home with some feathered friends! Backyard chickens are a great education tool for all ages, not to mention they produce a source of FOOD for us …eggs in this case, not meat! 🙂

image (17)

Safe to say everyone here at Greener Village is excited about our new wood fired cob oven. This thing can cook a pizza in 2 minutes, amazing! We’ll be using it for events, workshops, hey- it’s even available for you to host your next pizza party in our garden!! Thanks to McMillan Dentistry and the True Image team for the fundraiser donation to this specific project!

image (20)

Of course, we can’t forget the little critters. Winter, one of our Lionhead Rabbits is getting some much needed grooming time with Vadini! Like cats, these rabbits can get mats in their fur which can then cause hair balls (not fun, apparently).

image (22)

Last but not least, this project put a pep in my step! Northside Pavement Markings Ltd fit us into an open afternoon and completely revamped our parking lot. It’s now a safe, bright and WELL labeled area. We have wheelchair parking, a welcome sign at the door front and a bus lane for our City bus stop! Another piece in our capital improvements put to rest.

image (14)

image (19)image (18)

It all comes down to People Helping People. Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. Have a happy day!



One thought on “Today’s the day!

  1. Good work Greener Village! It is nice to see the new face-lift; much encouragement for the efforts towards the big open day on the 21st! Nice to see our stewards and stewardesses dedicated towards turning our attentions to the simple life, the self sufficient life, and the community life.

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