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Amazing Things are Growing

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Weather means more when you have a garden. There’s nothing like listening to a shower and thinking how it is soaking in around your green beans.

~Marcelene Cox

IMG_5559My pole beans are starting to create the column I was hoping for; they aren’t as full as I’d like, but it’s been an excellent trial run for next year.

IMG_5556Our gourd has reached the roof of its trellis! We’ve had lots of fun showing off its progress to everyone who visits the garden.

IMG_5558And its starting to put out fruit!

IMG_5567We have a beautiful, volunteer sunflower growing in the front bed. By volunteer, I mean he grew all on his own from a seed that would have been dropped by the seven foot sunflower we had out front last year. I’m excited to see how tall this one will grow.




IMG_5523Greenhouse #2 is producing wonderfully. We’ve been picking off of it for the last two weeks and everyone is enjoying the lettuce and the experience. There’s nothing more calming than picking your dinner (or lunch).


A few of the tomatoes are starting to ripen! But we’ve also had some green ones go home for fried green tomatoes. I’ve never had friend green tomatoes, but those who love them are very excited to see the tomatoes growing so well.

IMG_5508We have a tiny little watermelon starting; it’s about the size of a quarter, but we’re all really excited about it.


IMG_5514Our beautiful swiss chard, which is no longer being guarded by wasps.


The corn, gourds, and cucumbers are putting out lots of beautiful green. I’m checking regularly (and some what patiently) waiting for the cucumbers to be big enough to pick!


Turnip or rutabaga? Can anyone tell me?


A surprise broccoli plant as well was found among my brussel sprouts.


I have never grown brussel sprouts in my life! I hadn’t even tried them until a year ago because my mother didn’t like them so we never grew up eating them. I discovered I adore them and learning to grow them has been a wonderful adventure and a great learning experience. They definitely require patience, but seeing the little bulbs starting is so exciting and rewarding for me!

They may be one of my favourite plants in the garden this year.


The garlic is ready to harvest and cure!

Our volunteers are really excited to help out with this. It’s going to be much easier than when I used to harvest it at home (we grow a lot of garlic!).

*     *     *     *     *

Now on to all the flowers!

The earth laughs in flowers.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson






IMG_5529(I really love gladiolus)




IMG_5518– Briana


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