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Many Hands Make Light Work

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Some days it never seems like there’s much to do in a garden, other days it seems like there’s more to do than can possibly be done. Last week, the Douglas Baptist Church Group (who have volunteered for the last two years) were back for their third year of week long volunteering.

Even in the rain these kids (and the adults) worked all day. We started in the Native Edible Shrubs and Trees; which desperately needed weeding and some re-mulching.

At the start of the week, this is what the Native Edible garden looked like this (see first picture).

This is how it looks now! (See second picture).

IMG_2466 IMG_2547

It’s always a little hard to stay ahead of the weeds in the Native Edible, but with twenty or so people all working together, everything was finished in a little over two days.

We laid newspaper and hay down to help control the weeds as well as protect the soil from the harsh sun. We’ve been working hard to give the Native Edibles a boost  with a few doses of compost tea! We also had the group paint signs to identify each of the native shrubs!

We still have a little research and planning to do with the Native Edibles, but we’re very happy with how everything is coming along. It’s really exciting to see what is actually starting to grow and produce in the Native Edibles, the blueberries are actually putting out fruit and so are the Dewberries. They look so much like blackberries, it’s easy to confuse the two when you look just at the berries.




The next project we worked on was the surrounding garden area that was left from Green Village; my worker bees last year put a lot of effort into it , but we haven’t gotten to pay much attention to it this year because of starting the community garden, and getting the second greenhouse up and growing. They were excited to work with this new area; they helped prune, clean up, and open up the walking paths. We want to create a children’s’ pathway through the area to the gazebo with fun things for kids to find while they explore the pathways.



Some of the younger kids of the youth group got to do rock painting too. Everyone was very excited and interested in getting to play with paint. So at the end of the week to help show others that they lent their hands to Greener Village, we had them put a hand print on the first few beds in the community garden. It’s a tradition we’re going to continue on with until we cover all the beds with the helping hands that have contributed to the gardens and it’s a fun way to incorporate some art into the garden.


 I”m looking forward to next Monday because we will be having a whole rock painting event! It was something I wanted to do last year, but we ran out of time. The rocks that the church group painted are placed all over the garden and it’s a little like an Easter egg hunt; kids seems to really enjoy the added excitement to walking through the gardens. All the supplies will be provide, we have a shelter so even if it rains we can still paint.

So, here’s my push to get everyone out to this little event;

We Rock! Rock Painting Day

July 28th, 2014

From 10am-12

At Greener Village Community Garden

Add your touch to our garden; family fun for all ages

Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult

All supplies will be provided

Just wear something you don’t mind getting paint on

(just incase)


There, thanks for baring with me and I hope to see you in the garden on Monday!

*     *     *     *     *

We also have some helpful animals around the garden. We’ve seen a lot of these little guys around the gardens in the last week (first picture). I’m not sure exactly what kind of amphibian they are, but they’re about the size of a dime and really cute. Nothing like the huge toad (he’s as big as my palm) who keeps hiding in the back and surprising me (second picture)! I moved him out to a nice safe and cool place today because he was stuck in one of my planting containers. I”m sure anyone who would have seen me would think I was crazy, since I was talking to him the whole way to our destination convincing him it was not a good idea to hop out while I was walking. He’s safe and sound in his new home now.

It’s great to see so much wildlife around the property, especially helpful ones and not ones that I need to worry about eating our plants.IMG_2561

ToadI think that’s all for now.

Stay cool

– Briana 🙂



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