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How does the Garden Grow

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Finally, another rainy day to write a garden update. We’ve been very busy in the gardens (no surprise) and the transformation from one week to the next is spectacular and heart warming.


The Community Garden

The new gate and white board are up for the garden; it’s something I’m very excited to see complete. It means I can leave everyone all kinds of messages and announcements and it’s easy for our gardeners to work when it’s most convenient to them. We’ve added some insect houses for solitary bees and mason bees; these are non-stinging insects that play a big role in a healthy garden.

The community garden is filling up; almost all of our plots are spoken for and many people have been in to start their planting. We have many new gardeners and lots experienced green thumbs making the most of the garden space we have available. While it may be early in the season, I’d like to thank everyone who is contributing to the community garden. Every person and set of hands that works the soil, plants a seed, or simply comes to ask questions about what’s happening is contributing to this community and helping the garden grow.

We’re still working within the community garden; Greener Village has planted a few of the beds with the seedlings and pollinators we had started. We’ve also added hanging baskets along the top of the arbour and pots along the base of the arbour. There’s new sitting space (purchased by the Sunrise Rotary Club) within the garden to enjoy the view and there are plans for more beds to be put in and I’m already scheming how to plant them.


The Greenhouses

The greenhouses, yes greenhouses, are being planted! Greenhouse #4 is fully planted and the lettuce is starting to sprout, we added a row swiss chard, and a final row with corn, watermelons, gourds, and cucumbers. We want the cucumbers, gourds, and watermelons to grow up the corn, it’ll be great to see how well it works.

Greenhouse #2 is also partly planted! Thanks to our community corporate teams and volunteers, the biggest part of getting the greenhouse ready was accomplished within days and we began our planting last week. The center of the greenhouse is planted with two rows of heirloom tomatoes and we have two rows of leaf lettuce seeded as well. We’ll be planting successions of crops ever two weeks to keep a fresh stock of produce available.

We’re working towards getting Greenhouse #3 up and running before the end of the season as well! So, we’re currently working on putting together a large work group for that task.



There are a few other little (and not so little) projects that I am hoping to accomplish before my time here this summer is finished. Hopefully, I’ll be updating you soon with more fun events that are coming.

I’m hoping to get outside tomorrow and take lots of pictures to show you all how things are looking outside.

– Briana 🙂


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