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Back in the Gardens


Hello everyone,

This is Briana, your summer student and garden coordinator, back for another summer to help keep the gardens and greenhouse growing strong and to share with you all what’s happening around the outside of Greener Village. I’m happy to be back and on this rainy day I’m finally getting to sit down for a little bit and let you know what we’ve been working on. I’ve been back for three weeks now and it’s been great to see how much Greener Village has grown since last summer; the new seedling greenhouse, two greenhouses almost ready to plant, the Native Edible Shrubs and Trees garden, and many new raised beds within the community garden.

The Seedling Greenhouse

The new seedling greenhouse is beautiful and has given us a little head start with all this not so nice for planting weather we’ve been having. When I arrived, there was already a full stock of tomatoes, leeks, brussel sprouts, herbs, flowers, and so much more started and out getting ready to be planted. Jim and Ed, used the packaging that the material from the seedling greenhouse arrived in and made a beautiful shelving unit outside so that we can set the plants outside to harden them off before transplanting (and it’s a good thing, others wise I don’t know where I’d put everything!)

The Greenhouses

Since Greenhouse #4 was planted last year, we’re having an easier time getting it ready for planting this year. Our volunteers have been in weeding and preparing the beds, and yesterday we seeded in lettuce and transplanted some parsley. Hopefully, this rain and a warm weekend will give our seeds a great kick start. This year we want to have as many (if not all of our greenhouses planted and producing). Greenhouse #2 is the next closest to being ready. Elizabeth and Josh have been working hard to get it ready for our other volunteers to work in. There’s still lots of work to be done, but with a few good days and dedicated volunteers, we’re hoping to it finished within the next few weeks.

The Native Edible Shrubs & Trees Garden

The Native Edible Shrubs & Trees (the NEST) garden has been getting lots of attention and work as well. Last year, when I left we had big plans, new areas to plant, and lots to plant, but sadly it didn’t get finished. We’ve had lots of hard workers in over the last 3 weeks and what they have accomplished means so much to us and it’s looking fantastic! Our cedars hedge is planted along the rear of the garden; we’ve added some more low bush blueberries, a few high bush blueberries, Saskatoon berries, cranberries, gooseberries, black currants, and many more. I’ve been working hard on making sure everything is on the map so everyone can easily identify what we have planted.

Community Garden 

I think this probably the part of the gardens and Greener Village that I am the most excited about this year. Last year, we planted our raised beds as a demonstration and to see if our goal of opening a community garden could be achieved. I had lots of fun planting the garden, sharing my knowledge, and giving people tours last year. This year, we are opening the raised beds to our clients and members of the community so that they may plant their own gardens. We have 19 raised beds that we are dividing to create some 38 plots. Not all the beds are filled and ready to go, but yesterday I started putting numbers on them and they look fantastic! If you’re interested in a plot please contact us.

I think that’s all for now. I look forward to sharing the summer with you.

– Briana


2 thoughts on “Back in the Gardens

  1. Thanks so much for the update, Briana. My daughter and I are free 2 evenings a week and in particular I’m interested in the Edible Garden and possibly in the Seedling Greenhouse. Let me know how we can best help!


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