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A Wonderful Beginning; U-pick Swiss Chard

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Today marked our first day of harvesting off our greenhouses.

We only had Swiss chard available for people to pick, but overall it was well received. We have had people who love Swiss chard come and pick and others who have never heard of it before but took a little to try it.

Sabrina and I spent the morning taking people out to the greenhouse; telling them how to pick the Swiss chard and telling them a little bit about what we were doing.

The best thing about where the Swiss chard is planted, is that you need to walk by everything else in the gardens to get to it, so people are getting to see all the work we have done. Hopefully, it also sparked an interest in it too.

It’s kind of unknown to people what we’re doing out back. We’ve told everyone we’re using the space of the old Green Village, to plant vegetables and have a community garden, but if you haven’t come to visit you don’t really know exactly what’s been happening or realize just how much work there is, even with this blog.

My playground

My playground

Everyone that I took out to pick Swiss chard was very excited and thankful. I had a few experienced gardener that were excited to share knowledge and talk about how to cook it.

For our not so experienced with Swiss chard people we made up a sheet with a very simple and easy recipe as well as nutritional information about Swiss chard. (Recipe added at the end of this post)

It was great to see people excited about picking their own food and willing to try to vegetables; I forget sometimes that not everyone grew up with it like I did. Although, we did have a few “I grew up on a farm and this is what I miss; going to the garden to pick dinner”.

On those people’s faces I could see how much gardening and growing food means to people.

Sadly, my work term will be ending very soon and then I’ll be away for school so I won’t be able to personally take people out, show them what to pick and see their faces. I can’t wait for everything to start being picked and hopefully it’ll inspire people.

— Briana

Basic Sautéed Swiss ChardIMG_0834

1 Large bunch of Swiss Chard

1 clove of garlic, minced

1-2 tablespoons olive oil

1 teaspoon butter

Pinch of salt

1. Cut the stalks from the leaves and cut leaves in one inch strips

2. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan, add garlic (if desired), and then add the Swiss chard.

3. Cover for about 5 minutes to allow chard to steam a bit. Uncover and cook till desire tenderness.

4. Add butter and salt, to taste


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