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For All That Is Green; Picture Update

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Things are slowly starting to look like they’re actually growing and producing. The hardest part of gardening, I think, is the waiting; waiting between planting, germination, growing, and harvesting. Things don’t just go into the ground and then pop up into full sized vegetables a day later.

It’s frustrating, but at the same time unimaginably rewarding.

Bush beans and Kale.
Looking a little fuller this week


Lettuce started the beginning of May is finally showing some progress.
The bark beds are in need of some serious work.


Greenhouse #4; slowly growing.
Tomatoes are all strung up. Peppers transplanted with plastic ground cover to help with the weeds. The Swiss chard, beets, and lettuce are hanging in there.


Beets, Swiss chard, and lettuce close up


The tomatoes are a little more under control now.
Any one who has worked with tomatoes will know what a job they can be.


The “Pizza Garden”
Tomatoes, peppers, basil, thyme, and oregano


Strong pepper plant(s) in the “Pizza Garden”


Vadini’s garden is looking great.


Up close and personal with some cherry tomatoes

The "Family Garden"

The “Family Garden”.
A little bit of almost everything that you could want and great things to plant with kids.
I actually had some young helpers plant this with me.


Collection of some of the flower blooming in the garden


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