Greener Village Community Food Centre

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Hello everyone,

My name is Briana and I am one of the summer students working at Greener Village, Community Food Centre (The Food Bank) this year. I wanted to write a little introduction so that you would know who’s filling you in on all the garden news!

If you were to stop by and visit, chances are you’ll find me in the garden; that’s my area of expertise.

I grew up on an organic, free-range family farm in Cape Breton, so I got started with the new community gardens because I was missing home and missing the dirt.

We only came up with the idea of me taking for the blog last week, but I’m going to write all about my earlier adventures in the garden so I can update all the details. I will be putting the publish date on for when the events actually occured.

I hope you enjoy what I contribute to this blog!


2 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. Great to see the blog update in my inbox! 🙂 Thanks and looking forward to future posts!

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