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Gardening in the Rain

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The day started in the a whirl wind.

Our Tuesday group showed up right on time, like always, ready to work. We started by taking out all the left overs from this weekends composting workshop and adding to the compost; so everyone got a quick crash course, composting tutorial before they started their other work.

I set ‘my guys’ off to do some of the more high demand moving and junk removal to help get ready for another work group that we were having in this week. They also got the cover for the worm bin all finished as well.

The rest of the team I set off on weeding duty; pretty much everything needs to be weeded, but we started with the raised bed. They always get the most attention because they’re so close to the building and much easier to manage.

Today is the first day that Rev. Pyke’s group is in working as well. They were here last year and did an amazing job; we’re very glad to have them back this year, it’ll be exciting to see what they accomplish at the end of this week.

Sabrina (our new student, part of a summer exchange program) and I started doing some weeding in Greenhouse #4 so that we could plant some of our baby cedar trees in an effort to promote their growth. We didn’t get much done before we got rained out, it’s starting to look a like bit clearer out, so we may head back out in a little while.

Talk to you again soon

— Briana 🙂


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