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Determination, or Stubbornness?


So this week, Edee and Elizabeth are away for a Food bank conference in PEI and I’ve been told that I can ‘go crazy’ on the planting. Whatever I would like to put in any where in the rest of the beds.

Safe to say I am excited! I have each bed plotted and drawn out, the seeds and transplants all ready to go! One could probably say that I put a little too much thought into these beds, but it’s fun and I’m sure it’ll make the garden look fantastic!

Rough design of Family Garden

Rough design of Family Garden

I’m going to call this my “Family Garden” because I’m going to plant almost everything a family could want or need, things that are kid fun and friendly, and everything is going to be planted by companion planting. Some plants get along better and will grow better next to one plant and some can actually stunt the growth of the plant its beside.

If you’d like to know more about companion planting or which plants you should pair together, I used this website; Golden Harvest Organics.

There’s only one problem with my plan… It’s POURING rain.

Call it stubbornness or determination, I still want to get a few things in the ground.

*  *  *

Dressed in my flowery rubber boots and a yellow raincoat five times too big for me I set out into the garden in the pouring rain.

I got the peas and tomatoes in before I had to give in. The ground was so wet that it was covering my shovel every time I started digging. It was just too wet to get the rows ready, so I’ll have to wait a little while longer.

– Briana


2 thoughts on “Determination, or Stubbornness?

  1. Great plan! Keep at it. I made the mistake of planting seeds in the rain. It washed them all away and became too cold for them to germinate. Good thing is August now… I’m sure they’ll do great compared to my June stubbornness

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